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Cornelius Neill
Death Date : Not Available
Mary Hegarty
Death Date : Not Available


Cornelius Neill of Desert and Mary Hegarty of Ardfield married in the RC Parish of Ardfield & Rathbarry on 12 Feb 1861.  The Witnesses were Joanne Hegarty and Joanne Neill.

Children baptised in RC Parish of Desertserges on dates shown were:-

Julia (b. 12 Feb 1862).  Sponsors: Felix Neill, Joana Hegarty

Felix (b. 3 Feb 1863).  Sponsors: James Neil, Catherine Hegarty

Johana (b. 27 Apr 1864).  Sponsors: John Heegarty, Catherine Neil

John (b. 16 Oct 1865).  Sponsors: William Whelton, Catherine Neil

Mary (b. 5 May 1867).  Sponsors: John Neale, Margaret Hegarty

Catherine (b. 15 Jan 1869).  Sponsors: Pat Hegarty, Julia Neil

Corly (b. 18 Apr 1870).  Sponsors: Peter Neil. Kate Donovan

Pat (b. 18 Mar 1873).  Sponsors: John Neil, Rebecca Long

Peter (b. 16 Aug 1875).  Sponsors: John Neil, Catherine Donovan

Ellen (b. 17 Mar 1878).  Sponsors: James Neil, Margaret Sullivan

Census 1901:

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